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    No Audio over HDMI in _some_ games with HD 530 (i5 6500)


      Hey guys,


      Just recently got myself a new PC, which at present has no graphics card (and won't for some time), so I'm using the onboard graphics of the i5 6500. It has impressed the hell out of me how well it actually performs... except one issue... I don't get sound in some games and applications. Not all at all, but a fair number don't work.


      A selection of applications that have no sounds:

      Rocket League

      Surgeon Simulator

      Cities Skylines

      Steam Big picture interface

      Counterstrike Source


      A few things it _does_ work in:

      Windows desktop/browsers etc.

      Injustice: Gods among us

      Lego Marvel

      The Talos Principle

      Brothers: A tale of two sons



      I have disabled the onboard Realtek HD audio in device manager, this has removed all of its devices from sound playback devices, leaving only the Intel HDMI Audio, but even with that being the only available option, there are still these applications that give no sound at all.


      Oh, and I'm running Windows 10 Pro, I've attached all required diagnostic outputs.


      Hoping you guys can help!




      [Edit] Installing the driver 1 back from the most recent (so, win64_154014.4352 instead of win64_154028.4501) brings audio to Steam and some games that weren't working, while breaking others that were... Also, Leaves me with weird things like Wolfenstein (new order) only running ok in 'windowed full screen' rather than full screen.