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    Unnatural Mouse behavior due to CPU


      I've had "mouse lags" for the past 6 months and I say it like this because the actual mouse itself is not really lagging, it's just the behavior is not very natural. Everything is jumpy, sometimes the cursor skips, it gets faster and slower, it can go from feeling like gliding on ice, to moving it through mud/underwater... and it all ALWAYS depends on CPU usage, cpu settings does so much different things. When I hover over CPU voltage settings and things like that in the motherboard BIOS, it lags 20x, when I enable a certain CPU based options like these: http://i.imgur.com/NLzKlu7.png the lag increases A LOT... like a LOT!


      FPS is fine, temperatures are fine. Hovering over certain things, colors, visiting certain websites increases the lag aswell.


      I have tried 5 difference mice, none of them wireless, done thousands windows installations, installed linux, replaced almost everything in my PC, motherboard included. This happened when I got my CPU/motherboard back from RMA, but I still changed the motherboard. I have only tried different CPU once, and the problem was there aswell, but again... whatever I do, it never affects my mouse lag as much as when I change CPU settings.


      I did run the diagnostic tool, it passed everything.


      It's a I5- 6600K not overclocked.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Aymano,
          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.
          Any unexpected behavior can happen if you make any CPU settings out of the processor specifications, but if the mouse lag happens when the processor is running under the specs then there is any issue.
          Would you mind to attach the picture to this post? Unfortunately the link doe not load up the image to see it.
          Could you please provide me with the following information to better assist you?
          Intel® SSU (System Support Utility):
          Please download the Intel® SSU, run it and attach the information to this post.
          Are you using a video card or you are using the onboard video?  If yes, try removing the video card and run the system with the onboard video to see if the issue persists.
          Do you have the latest driver for your system?
          Please try the latest Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 and Windows 7*/8.1* [15.40] if you are using the onboard graphics.

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            Hi. Thanks so much for answering. I attached the SSU information.


            When I change CPU based settings, they do not just change the feeling, they change everything a lot and actually increase the lag by miles. It can go from usable to full on panic lag. I have tried the intel onboard, it happens in there aswell as other graphics card. I've tried multiple.


            I'm not really sure if it's the cpu, it just seems to me that whenever I change anything cpu based, the feeling changes drastically. But I could say the same about RAM and things like that. Thing is, this is also affected by physically touching things like the back of the motherboard, the side of the case, certain cables, changing thermal paste and the likes.


            Is it any way possible for a CPU to be affected or for some reason be sensitive to everything around it, or is it not a CPU issue? there are no FPS drops or bad temperatures.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hi Aymano,


              Thank you for the information you have kindly provided.


              If you open the task manger what is the CPU, RAM and hard drive utilization, you can see the attachment for example.


              To be honest the best way to test if a processor is defective or not is to try it in another system, that way you will see if the behavior persists.


              I have not seen processors causing this kind of issue, to me this seems to be an issue related either with the RAM or hard drive.


              Is it possible for you to try different RAM in your system or try one RAM at a time to try to isolate the issue.


              If the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool passed then I don’t think there is anything wrong with the processor, the issue could be with other component.


              Please try to do an stress test with the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU), if there is anything wrong with the CPU it will not support the test.




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                Intel Corporation
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                I'm just following on this thread to ask you if your issue was resolved or if you still need further assistance.



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                  Unfortunately, It's not fixed and doesn't seem like it wants to. I've ran the stress test and it passed everything, so I'll just assume it's not a cpu issue. For now I have bought new motherboard/ram and will see what that does for me. Thanks for the help.

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                    Did you try disconnecting everything including the keyboard and just try the mouse. Also have your tried disconnecting your drives. Does your mouse lag in Bios?

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                      I don't have anything else than a very standard pc setup.. Wired keyboard, Wired mouse, monitor and internet cable.. and obviously the power for the PSU. I have tried disconnecting the keyboard and internet cable yes, didn't make a change. And yeah I'm pretty sure I have the exact same lag in BIOS and even windows installations and things like this. It's not only in windows. I also tried linux where it felt even worse.


                      I also just recently RMA'd my monitor back and it says in the report that they have replaced my monitor and giving me a new one.. I basically wrote about this lag + that the connecter panel was wiggling and a bit loose (it still kinda is) so I don't really know if they have actually found this problem and replaced it because of it, and now it isnt even fixed or if they just replaced it and it's not a monitor issue.. that's what I'm debating with myself right now. But motherboard, ram, mouse, keyboard arriving tomorrow. I will do a clean install of windows and see if it fixes anything.


                      It really always feels like something is interfering with the signal, but I have the most simple setup with nothing besides my PC or anything wireless. I have re-build and checked the inside of my PC a thousand times to make sure all the cables are not in bad positions. I also bought a UPS and ran the PC and monitor with the battery.


                      Basically moving cables, touching case, changing settings, hovering above visual effects and pictures etc. always changes the amount of lag and makes it go slower and faster depending on the actual setting. What could be this sensitive? Is monitor panel capable of this? I have already tried HDMI and D-SUB instead of DVI, and both of them lag aswell.

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                        Intel Corporation
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                        I’m sorry Aymano for this situation that you’re going through with this system.

                        At this point, once you receive the other components, assemble the system outside of the chassis; this is in case there is any grounding issue, make sure you put it in a non conductive surface, like a matt, plastic or glass.

                        Assemble the system with the minimum configuration, motherboard, CPU, one stick of RAM, power supply and the monitor.

                        Please let me know how it goes after you receive the parts.

                        Best wishes,


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                          I already did this with my current setup, should I try it again or is it enough proof?


                          aItVVig (1).png


                          Although I used 2 sticks of RAM, and a box...

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                            Why are you using a PS/2 adapter?

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                              That's because I'm using the Zowie Celeritas keyboard, plugging it in through PS/2 eliminates ghosting and makes other functions usable. I have tried with USB only, no change except a slower keyboard.

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                                Intel Corporation
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                                If you try the onboard video instead of that video card, do you get the same problem?
                                If the problem persists after you try all these troubleshooting steps you can request a replacement for the processor, you can submit a web ticket to replace the unit at the following link:

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                                  Hi Aymano ,


                                  Can you tell us what are the timings on the new memory you have, because if it has again the same lower timings on 2133 14-14-14, your mainboard need some tweaking for that memory, as intel CPUs are optimized for 15-15-15.

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                                    Yeah it is the same 14-14-14. Should I try to put them up? do I keep the same 35 at the end? But let's not forget that physically doing things IRL affects it aswell. Right now I'm suspecting the monitor, could be some panel shorting or something because each time I move it further away, the feeling changes aswell. New parts didn't help with anything. I'm not sure if it's the CPU anymore.

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