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    Update Driver?


      My Windows 10 laptop recently has been getting a "Display Driver has Stopped Responding and has Recovered," error after trying to wake the computer out of power save.  I thought I needed to update the graphics driver since the machine switched over from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and I previously never had this issue.  I installed the Intel Driver Update Utility and searched for new updates.  The Utility identified and update, but every time I try and install it, it gives a 'failed' message with no Reboot or reason for the error.


      I am assuming the problem with the Windows error after power save is driver related and I would like to fix this issue, as a few nights ago the laptop failed to recover the Display and was just a black screen and I had to perform a hard shutdown with the power button.  The machine then never was able to boot past the Windows logo and I had to perform a PC Reset in order to get it to start back up; however, I lost all my installed programs in the process, which is a pain to say the least.


      I'd greatly appreciate any help I can get to at least update the Graphics/Display driver so I can rule that out for the Display Driver not Responding... error.