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    DP35DP Windows 7 x64 RAID-0 slowness


      System Specs:

      Intel DP35DP motherboard

      Core 2 Duo e6850 processor

      4GB RAM

      2 250GB SATA-2 hard drives (I will provide the model when I get home, I don't have it here)

      1 DVD-RW drive (OEM branding)

      Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer

      eVGA GeForce 8800GT PCI-E video card


      When I installed windows 7, the setup was a breeze. I installed all of the current drivers from Intel's site for the corresponding components of my system as well as those from other manufacturers for the remaining devices needing driver updates. I noticed after all of the driver updates, the raid 0 performance was not what I had been used to in my previous windows xp pro 64-bit install. I looked in the Intel Rapid Recovery Application and discovered that the member drives in my RAID-0 array were showing they were running in SATA Generation 1 mode. I am 100 percent sure that when I was running the drives in windows xp 64-bit, the hard drives were running in sata 2 (at least I had much better read performance there than in windows 7). Now in Windows 7 I notice that most things take 2-2.5 times longer to load, and according to various OS performance measurements, the hard drive performance is less than what I was used to. Overall write throughput is halved.


      When using the RAID option rom built into this motherboard, in windows 7 is it supposed to artificially change the speed of the SATA drives down to SATA-1 mode? Help?