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    Icons and windows moving when DisplayPort 4K monitor wakes from sleep




      I have a Core-i5 6500 CPU in my desktop with HD530 graphics in Windows 10 latest updates and Intel .4501 driver.


      I am using three monitors in extended mode:

      Dell U2311h 1920x1080 (100% scaling, DVI)______LG 27UD68 3840x2160 (150% scaling, DisplayPort 1.2, Main display)______Dell U2311h 1920x1080 (100% scaling, HDMI to DVI cable).


      I've also seen the same issue on a Dell XPS13 9350 laptop with an external DisplayPort monitor, also using different scaling settings since the laptop's display has a very high resolution.


      When the Displayport monitor goes to sleep, it seems like it is disconnected from the computer. When the monitors wake up, windows switches the Main Display to a secondary monitor for a second or two while the DisplayPort monitor is getting detected again, and I think it is in this process that icons and windows get moved.



      Thanks for your time

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