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    Problem building the Intel Aero image with Yocto Krogoth..


      When we were trying to build the Intel Aero with Yocto Krogoth branch, following the instructions here:



      Quickstart Guide · intel-aero/meta-intel-aero Wiki · GitHub


      We got the "No recipes available" error for the following:





      Looking into /poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux, we can only find the following recipes:







      This is confirmed by looking at the tree on git.yoctoproject.org:

      poky - Poky Build Tool and Metadata


      That is, there is no recipes for version 4.8.


      On the other hand, looking under the master branch (as of 2016-09-15), the recipes for 4.8 are there:

      poky - Poky Build Tool and Metadata


      This suggests the Intel Aero image requires the master brand of yocto rather than the Krogoth branch to build. Please advise/confirm if that is correct. If so, please update the Quick Start Guide page above to reflect this change.