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    Remote Acces over internet to HUB


      Hi, i have configured the Enterprise server and the hub, the client, set up the dns for autodiscovery, etc.


      Within any internal routed network the prestentation starts flawlessly.

      But if we try to reach from outside (external internet) the client autodiscovers the enterprise server but when i put the meeting pin it starts to connect but after a few seconds nothing happends.


      Using a sniffer i see that the enterprise server dalidate the pin and tells the client to connect to the internal ip  of the hub in my network... I checked over the internet and didt find anything.

      I figured out how make this work, using nat reflexion... But is that the solution??? The meeting streaming ports (55xxx) the client uses to connect to the hub, are encrypted???

      So the question is: how a remote user can use unite??, without using a vpn...