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    HDMI Problem


      Hi guys,

      Two days ago I bought a new notebook, Toshiba Satellite A300 with HDMI output (Intel Mobile 4 Series graphics)  so I can watch movies on my Panasonic 32" LCD TV (HD Ready 1366x768).
      However, when I tried to connect it (I used Gembird golden plates HDMI cable), I got the picture, but with a constant flickering. I tried to make custom resolutions like 1366x768, 1280x720 (this one fits the best), even 1920x1080, and different refresh rates like 25 & 30 (interlaced) 50, 60, 75 Hz.
      Nothing helped so far. Then I went to my neighbor, I connected my notebook to his LG 32" LCD HD ready TV and I got perfect picture, without setting anything. Then I took his notebook, DELL, I tried through its HDMI, and I got very nice picture on my TV.
      Not to forget, the most strangest thing happens when I switch the aspect ration on my TV from 16:9 to 14:9, the flicker stops, but the picture is vertically extended and not nice.

      Finally, I need your opinion how can I solve this problem without selling my TV

      Can I find somewhere some customized driver for the graphic card?
      Do you think that the TV and the notebook are incompatible?
      Should I try with some cheap HDMI cable?

      I got the latest drivers for my graphic card Intel 4500MHD, my TV doesn't have USB service input (so I can try to upgrade firmware), and the most important, my TV is working fine with other laptops, and my laptop is working fine with other TVs.

      Someone told me that probably the drivers for my graphic card are not good i.e. not compatible with the TV because the TV doesn't works with fixed frequency like the output of the graphic card.

      Thanks a lot.