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    S3420gprx 0xEAh




      I have Intel Board server S3420gprx, We had a power outage although the server is connected to a Voltage regulator, after the power was back. the server receives power, but its not functional. The BIOS is not running, and a black screen and the keyboard is not working.


      Things I have done to identify where is the problem:


      * Disconnected the all RAM, and when powered on I hear the 3 beeps error for no RAM

      * Cleared CMOS

      * Tried BIOS recovery (not sure if I done it correctly), anyhow same black screen

      * disconnected the battery for a few minutes

      * tried separately each RAM stick



      the diagnostic led is giving me 0xEAh which stands for flash update, which I would really want to know what does it mean?

      lastly when I leave it for few minutes the led shifts between 0xEAh and O X X X X X X O (which is not listed in the table)


      Any advise to identify the issue is highly appreciated.



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          We would like to inform you that the board you are looking assistance for is discontinued and not longer supported but here are some general recommendations for your convenience:

          - Power cycle the board by removing the power cable and pressing the power button for 10 seconds.

          - Clear the CMOS battery again for 1 minute and try to POST with minimum memory installed.

          - Swap memory modules on the A1 (first blue slot) slot to confirm if the board or memory is defective or not.

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