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    DPC Latency?


      Dear Skull Canyon owners,


      Have you ever cracked open Latencymon or similar to check the DPC Latency on your system?


      I'm 99% sold on an SC for live audio and music production, but can't find any info their DPC Latency results.


      I'm hoping that if no one has mentioned it, it's not been an issue. Positive thinking right? 


      Would love to hear of any experience or results you might have.

      Anyone running a DAW on their canyon? Or better yet, using one in a live audio situation?


      Hoping to join you soon



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Samciavarella,
          Thank you for joining the Intel® community.
          At this point, I suggest you to have your system up to date, update the BIOS, you can download the latest BIOS version here:
          Please see F7 BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® NUC
          Also, I strongly recommend having the latest chipset driver, the Intel® Management Engine Consumer Driver and last the Intel® Graphics Driver please see how it goes after you update this driver and the bios, please restart your system after every driver installation.
          Best wishes,

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            Intel Corporation
            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation


            I'm just following on this thread to ask you if your issue was resolved with the information provided above or if you still need further assistance.



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              Bumpity Bump


              Would really appreciate if anyone can take 5 minutes to DL LatencyMon and screenshot their results




              It measures DPC Latency, basically a crucial spec for Music Production/Editing but not so for Video or Gaming, and thus it's much harder to find reliable info on it!


              If you do give it a shot, disable your wifi and BT first, as they are always detrimental to good results


              A virtual handshake and pat on the back to anyone that can give this a shot


              Many thanks,


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                Hiya, I will do this stuff once I put mine together. I didn't choose the fastest ssd or ram (just didnt want to get samsung stuff due to previous salt). I doubt I will use the internal soundcard and will opt for using a UCX or simply the Analog4 as the soundcard. At the moment I am using a venue8pro for Ableton Live at shows - it works well but Push 2 runs like molasses on it (some blame on Ableton for the software I guess - needs a very beefy system). You can be sure I will stripdown my Windows for it - and will opt for W10 Pro since it is actually better than 7 or 8/8.1 in my experience. Another important thing is of course the HDD speed - ableton runs almost on the edge with the hdd of the venue8pro (like not having samples in the same dir as your project file will cause hdd warnings!). Anyway, will post all my findings since it is quite an investment but the potential could be astronomical.

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                  Can't wait to hear how it turns out. Thanks for getting in touch!


                  Wow I just looked up the Venue8pro, and I'm impressed you were able to gig with such a compact lil machine.


                  I'd love to hear how the ASIO latency looks with a UCX. I run a babyface pro, so I'd probably get comparable performance.


                  Thanks and looking forward to your findings


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                    yeah i didnt think it would work but it can handle quite a lot. Push2 is a bit much for it though - works fine but switching between tracks and some screens takes like 1-3 seconds. Ive been gigging with it for 2 years now or something. never failed. Of course you have to be realistic and pretty much just use stems and midi (my primary goal was to use ableton as a sequencer).

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                      For my own curiosity, why'd you go with the venue8pro instead of a laptop?

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                        venue8pro is very cheap to replace - its like 150-200bucks. also the weight. flying around with a laptop gets annoying when it weights 1-3kilos. Also the size, i don't need a large screen for my use case.

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                          Intel Corporation
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                          Hello Samciavarella and 1kilo,
                          Thank you for this valuable information that you both are sharing with each other.

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                            You make very valid points!


                            Any progress on the build my friend?



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                              Sadly the online store I ordered from in Germany (MindFactory) changed the "instock" listing to "expected on October 6th). So, waiting impatiently now.

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                                Ahhhh that's a PITA


                                hope it doesn't take much longer!

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                                  OK it is here. hopefully will be able to drop some figures here today or tomorrow.

                                  I am planning on putting Win 8.1 on it - I have Win 10 on a tiny, underpowered tablet and it seems nice (although stripping out the bloatware took a while), but I am not aware of any big overhauls that will improve performance. 8.1 has been stable as a rock. (**although this is worth studying :  Q. Should I choose Windows 8 or 10? | Sound On Sound )


                                  I didn't get 2 RAM sticks, so that might impact performance. The HDD I got was the Intel 600p - it will have both the OS and my apps on it.


                                  Planned tests:

                                  I want to start with stripping all of the bloatware from windows first and later making sure the NUC is running well in higher temps and not trying to powersave and etc.

                                  My current usage is a PC + Elektron Analog 4 as the usb audio card. On the old tablet I use 16bit and 2-4 channels (usually just the audio out of ableton layered ontop of the A4). I'll do the latencymon and dpc latency checker with that.

                                  I can also test an RME Fireface UCX with it and of course the onboard audio.

                                  Not exactly sure if the choice of audio card matters, but since I keep my gig PCs very lean, it does mean which drivers I have installed. I almost always disable the build in audio via BIOS and in Device Manager.

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                                    I couldn't have asked for a more informative statement of intent!


                                    Really appreciate you keeping me up to date with it all mate.


                                    I'd also considered the Intel 600 series. Some part of me thinks keeping the CPU and SSD all under one manufacturer, should be beneficial in some way.


                                    I never encountered Win 8.1, but can relate with to the annoyances of Win 10.


                                    Again I'd be curious to see if there's any significant differences between the audio cards.


                                    Looking forward to it.


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