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    Intel Server Board S2600CP4 Issue (power supply & graphics card upgrade)



      I’m having an Issue with my workstation and having several questions.


      I’m running an Intel Server Board s2600cp4 with a Cool Master GX 650W power supply. Now the connecter between the power supply and the 8 / 4-pin eps / atx 12v connector melted and the workstation isn’t running anymore.



      Here are my questions:


      1. Does the power supply provide enough power for the Workstation or should I upgrade?
      2. Is it possible to fix the connector at the power supply (4 pin ATX 12v) or would you recommend getting a new one?
      3. If necessary to get a new power supply, which one would you recommend? Is there a power supply which doesn’t need the 8 / 4-pin eps / atx 12v connector?
      4. I would also like to upgrade the graphic card to a geforce 1060 (GigaByte GV-N1060IXOC) which needs 6 pin power supply. Should this graphic card work or would you recommend any other graphics card?


      Other Sytem Specs:

      - Intel  Server Board S2600CP4

      - 2 X Intel Xeon E5-2670 8 Core @ 2,6GHz /Turbo 3,00GHz

      - 32 GB DDR3 Ram (8 x 4GB Dimms)

      - Adaptec 6805 Raid Controller 8Port SAS/Sata 6GBs

      - 4 X Seagate 2TB SAS HDDs Raid 5


      Any help is appreciated.
      Thanks a lot,