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    System calls and process termination


      I am starting a perl script that runs forever listening to a port. It is invoked as such:

      system("perl home/root/portlistener.pl 100 &");


      But now, I have a new requirement to implement a button that is supposed to "close" the port and free up resources. So, when the user taps the button on the resistive touch display, I should kill the perl process. But, how do I kill the perl process when I don't have the PID?


      I know you can do something like the script below to echo the PID:

      perl home/root/portlistener.pl 100 & echo$!


      Or I could run something like:

      ps | grep portlistener


      But how do I retrieve the PID real-time from within my Arduino code?


      Once I retrieve the PID, I can issue a

      system("kill xxx");

      to kill the process.


      Or is there a much better way?