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    Intel® Quark™ SE microcontroller C1000 board connect to internet.


      Hello all!

      Please help me connect Intel® Quark™ SE microcontroller C1000 board to internet.

      This board have BLE 40 and Zegbee and have not WiFi or Ethernet.

      I build and run Zephyr sample IPSP that have in ISSM sdk.

      As I understand this BLE profile have ability for connect to internet from outside router that have BLE to TCP/IP bridge. Like this laptop with linux and Bluetooth 4.0 hardware.

      But after I flashing this app to board I do not take any message from board to console and not connect from Bluetooth.

      I run debug session and find that app  hang and freeze at Bluetooth initialization.

      May be somebody used this board with connection to TCP/IP.

      This very need for IoT, but none any instruction about how to use board with internet connection.


      Thank you!