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    Intel 535 DevSleep Issue (Disappearing from BIOS with Windows 8 and 10) and no Support


      This hard drive is meant as an upgrade for a system that suffers from the well-known DevSleep issue with the 535 series.  The symptoms are very consistent:


      1) From the system in an off state, powering on into any OS that is NOT Windows 10/8 shows the hard drive and it acts normal.

      2) As soon as an attempt is made to install Windows 10 (which is what we require) the drive disappears from the BIOS/EFI.  Changing BIOS SATA mode makes no difference in the behavior (tried in both an HP 15 and a Lenovo Flex 2), and both have up-to-date BIOS.

      3) The drive does not show up in the BIOS again until the system is physically powered off and then on again.


      More information on the issue can be found at:


      For everyone facing problems with 535 SSD (such as not being recognized in BIOS)

      and also

      Intel Fixes DevSleep Issue for Its 530 and 535 Solid-State Drive Series


      Unfortunately, Intel has taken down the link so I cannot handle this myself.  My drive is currently firmware version RG21 so attempting to run the firmware tool (from bootable ISO, since I can't install Windows) simply says: The firmware on this Intel SSD is up to date.  So I can't do anything that way either.  And I can't use any Windows based tools since I can't install Windows in the first place, and none of the tools work on a USB adapter.  Basically, it's impossible to address no matter which way I approach it.


      I attempted to receive warranty support (as the drive is well within its warranty period) and after all the trouble of filling in the details and submitting the request I get a page displaying:


      System Unavailable


      Intel Customer Support Service Request Management is unavailable. We are actively working to resolve the system issue.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.


        - Intel Customer Support Team


      I have attempted all day long and I continue to get this message.  Can someone please get me a link to something that can disable DevSleep?  It would take minutes to fix this annoying issue if I could just get some help.  Thanks in advance!