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    Cannot access the BIOS: Brand new NUC6I3SYK




      I've just got my new NUC6I3SYK. I installed it with Kingston 8GB CL13 HyperX DDR4 2133Mhz HX421S13IB/s memory and Kingston SM2280S3G2 2280 240GB SSD M2.


      I cannot access the BIOS at all: I connected a wired keyboard, press F2 but nothing happend (The NUM Lock led is working and response to the NUM Lock key, so I guess there is no problem with the keyboard). I also connected a wireless keyboard, but nothing happens as well.


      I got a loop of errors:


      PXE-E61 Media test failure, check cable

      PXE-M0F: Existing Intel Boot Agent


      I guess this is due to the BIOS is configured to startup from the SSD, however, this is not installed at all (yet).


      The screenshot is enclosed.


      What is the problem?




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