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    DQ57TM/I5-660 AMT Provisioning



      I have the combination mentioned above (Intel DQ57TM/I5-660 ). I've configured the system for AMT via the activator from the SCS lite package.  The configuration works fine for AMT V5 features.  I'm unable to connect to the ME via VNC. I've tried tightVnc and RealVnc.  I know there isn't a network issue as I can connect to a Vnc server running under Windows when the system is booted up.  I can see the sending system packets via wireshark, but have no clue how I'd tell if the ME was receiving them.


      One thing I've notived is that RPAT goes from enabled to disabled whenever I reconfigure the ME.


      So the question is should I be able to get remote KVM with this combination and provisioning method?  Is there a filter that needs to be disabled in the ME?  So far I've tired ports 5900 - 5910. Is there a non-standard port to use?




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          It can work. The trick is there are a couple extra things to enable in AMT firmware that SCS lite doesn't currently have support for. If all goes to plan, I will post a use case reference design tomorrow outlining steps for this extra configuration. I'll update you tomorrow.

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            Hello Matt,


            I would like to ask you if you are using provisioning method "Enterprise" or "Small / medium business"
            Just as a reminder, if you are using "Small / medium business" provisioning, the required port for this method is (16992)


            Also please make sure that the software that you are running (tightVnc* and RealVnc*) has built-in Intel AMT capabilities.


            Thank you,



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              Thanks, I'm assuming then that any of the Vnc clients are suitable and that the defualt port is correct.   If there is anyway to get the information prior to tomorrow, I'd be very appreciative.




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                The BIOS with AMT v6 extenstions provides either local or remote configuration, it doesn't provide for Enterprise or SMB configuration.  The BIOS with AMT V5 extension provided that setting.  Configuration is preformed via the Activator portiion of the SCS light software.  The config is peformed via a USB key.


                Also are there specific extensions tht are required for the VNC client to work with the ME?  I wasn't aware of that.


                I can access the ME vi port 16992 or through the DMK



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                  According to the following document:


                  On page 6, there is a note that says as follows:


                  “Note: Intel AMT 6 adds new features, such as KVM”


                  So since you have AMT V5, this means that it does not support KVM.



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                    Matt, give this a read. http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-4795 It should answer your questions and get you up and running with KVM Remote Control. Note: it walks you through using MEBx to setup & configure AMT. However, the method you used should work just fine. Still, you might want to step through the MEBx settings to just to be sure they match and to get a feel for what they do.


                    RE KVM extenstions: there's two answers. The docs covers it but real quick - first to use KVM Remote Control you must enable it in the firmware. This is a little like installing / setting up a remote control server in your OS...gotta turn it on, give it a password, etc. This is done remotly and the doc will step you through it. If you have a vPro enabled viewer (called an enhanced viewer in doc) most likley it would do this for you.


                    The second part is that KVM Remote Control is RFB 3.3, 3.8, and 4.0 compliant. So any compliant viewer should work. AMT listens on port 5900. Then enhanced part is that AMT can also tunnel the session over the redirection ports (16994/16995) to add TLS and enhanced authentication support. For this you'd obviously need an enhanced viewer.


                    I'm anxious to hear how it goes, please let me know. If Qs arise, I

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                      BTW - if you're looking for an enhanced viewer, check this out! http://communities.intel.com/community/openportit/vproexpert/blog/2010/02/04/vnc-viewer-plus-enabling-remote-access-to-the-2010-intel-core-vpro-processor-family


                      It'll configure the firmware for KVM use automatically and it supports power control & IDE-R!

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                        Thanks, I';ve tried the steps in the document, but still no joy.


                        I've run Wireshark and I can see the config commands going across from the console to the client. I can see the VNC request go across but there is still no response.


                        I also setup AMT with a different IP address than the Operating system so I could try running a VNC server on the OS and connecting to it (which works). Do you know what happens if the OS is running a server on 5900?  Does the ME win or does the OS win or does something else happen?


                        So I can still connect via a browser and port 16992, so I know I have some of it right.


                        I'll look over the document and see if I missed anything.


                        Thanks for the help



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                          THANK YOU!  I'm not sure what I did, but while trying to decode the network traffic sent over from the kvm.hta app, I manage to make it work.  I can see the red border and the flashing connected icon in the upper right of the client.   The only issue left is that my VNC client is showing a black screen (tried RealVnc,TightVnc and ChickenoftheVNC ona Mac).  I'm sure that will be justa  setting somewhere, or I'm wondering if it is the Opt In portion of the KVM connection.


                          Anyways Thanks again for the help.



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                            Apologize for the constant posts, but I haven't figured a good way to deal with the delay this forum imposes.  Anyway I saw your video on Youtube (great video btw) and noticed that you get a second login window after the VNC auth.  I'm not seeing that login window.  Is that a result of your configuration or should I see that also?  I'm using RealVNC Free edition V4.1.3.  I do get Intel(r) AMT KVM in the title of the VNC viewer window


                            Thanks again

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                              Thanks again, I figure it all out.  Now I have a working AMT v6 setup.    The last bits (black screen in VNC ) were fixed with a reboot of the AMT client, so it must have been a windows setting that got stuck.


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                                Have you tried JollysFastVNC on the Mac ? I'm the developer of JFVNC and if it does not work would like to extend it to get it working with AMTv6.


                                Drop me a mail how it works - Regards Patrick aka Jolly

                                author of: ScreenRecycler, JollysFastVNC, SmartSleep, SmartSokoban and more.

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                                  I haven't tried your product yet. I'm working from a Macbook 2.4GHz Core2Duo with 4GB ram and MacOSX 10.6.2.  I'll give it a shot and let you know what my experince is.  Also if there is somethign specific you want to test, let me know.  I working on a capella test platform also, so I'll have a couplev5 targets and a couple v6 targets.



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                                    Hi there,


                                    Does anyone know how a dual monitor setup will be displayed with KVM, or how VNC viewer plus will behave in such a scenario?

                                    Also, what about add-on graphics cards - will KVM be possible, can AMT handle the frame buffer of "external" graphics too (or does it only work with the integrated core Intel graphics)?


                                    just wondering.

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