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    Dead CPU, can't access Intel RMA request: service not available



      My CPU, i5-4670K is dead after it causes me many troubles.

      It has never been stable, temps were strange, like one core at 75°c while others run at 54°c. I had also many BSOD and I thought it was RAM issue (4 kits tested without success), than I started looking at PSU, and changed it once without any better. Finally 2 weeks ago, my computer refused to boot, no more led on the motherboard, nothing. Then I came to suspect the Motherboard or the CPU, and decided to test the CPU on a friends motherboard known to work perfectly well. Same issue here, no boot, no life in the box... Putting back the i3 solved the issue for my friend, but I had to by a i7-4790K to have a working computer. And guess what: everything runs smoothly, this CPU is awesome !

      But it also confirmed the i5 guiltiness, so I went to Intel support page to submit a ticket and it happens that I cannot access to the request, seems like the service is down.

      So my question is: How can I submit a ticket for RMA ?

      Thanks in advance.



      PS: sorry for my poor English, french trying to speak technical English there Thanks Google translation !