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    Reg:connection of bluetooth to intel edison


      Hi all,

                I'm using Intel edison arduino expansion board and the image I'm using is meta-intel-edison which is having bluez-5.24 .I'm not able to connect to the bluetooth and I"m getting the error as "unable to connect ".

                I'm following the below steps

      1)python SPP-loopback.py &

      2)rfkill unblock bluetooth

      3) bluetoothctl

      4)agent KeyboardDisplay

      5) default-agent

      6)scan on

      7)pair < address>

      8)trust <adress>

      9)connect <addrees>

                     After connecting to the address ,it is sometimes coming as "unable to connect" and even if it connecting ,instead of getting as bluetooth , it is getting our device name.My device name is I'm here.and I'm pinning the image of this.


           I'm here1.png



      The problem is in the first image instead of getting as [bluetooth]# ,Im getting my device name and in the second image ,I'm unable to connect to the device.Please do needful.


      Thanks and Regards,