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    NUC 6i5SYK problem with 3 monitors




      I have a problem with intel NUC product 6i5SYK,.. I have 1hdmi connection to monitor and 1 spliter from mini display port to display port and then from there with 2 seperate display port cables to monitors. Al 3 of my monitors are DELL U24M12... The problem is that sometimes when NUC goes to sleep it seemms like the spliter or the graphics could not send signal to turn on screens so you need to restart it an then may work or may not or it just display HDMI connected monitors, another problem is when the all three monitors starts blinking, sometimes it just shuts down the 2 monitors connected to mini DP over spliter, wwhen i plug in 2 monitors 1 hdmi an one mini dp-DP it works, so its someting with the splite/graphic connection,...


      I have looked into the bios for sleep settings, and setup a bunch of things, but that didnt help, i tried updatinig graphical drivers it didnt help, ive tried other splitters but that didns help either, this thing is happening on 3 diffrent NUCs that i purchised for my clients. Ive tried another few things but nothing helped i googled it and search it but i didnt finda any similar case yet... So i am turning to you for your support, can you please gave me any advice?


      We purches around 30-50 NUCss a year,..


      NUC: 6i5SYK

      Monitors1:  3x DELL U24M12 Res: 1920x1200 al three monitors

      Monitors2:  AOC2470swda/swh Res: full HD

      Monitors3:  Philips – Full HD

      Splitter1:  CLUB3d Cac-1110

      Splitter2: Delock Delock Displayport 1.2 Splitter 1 x mini Displayport in > 2 x Displayport out 4K