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    Odd latency issue with NUC6i7KYK


      Hi I believe I have come across a odd latency issues while using the NUC with a Razer Core and a HTC Vive.  I bought this setup to have a portable(ish) VR system, inside the Razer Core is a Geforce GTX 980, that plus the chip in the NUC should be more then enough power to drive any sort of VR application with out Frame Drops or micro pauses. But unfortunately for some reason I am getting both Frame Drops and Micro Pauses.  I have installed all the latest and most current drivers I can find, but can not tell for any certainty that the system is using the full bandwidth of the thunderbolt 3 port, or if the onboard graphics card (the Iris 530) is causing issues.  During normal VR use my processor sits between 20-30% usage, and my GPU sits between 40-60% so I don't really know where the latency issue lies. I have tried disabling the onboard video using device manager and sometimes that helps but it doesn't resolve the issue.  Using a "slower" setup (6700k, with a 980 in a desktop build) I had no issues.  Is there any utilities or software that can monitor how much bandwidth is being used by the thunderbolt port?  Below is a diagram of how I have things setup:

      Nuc setup.JPG