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      S5500BC board with Micron 36JSZFS51272PZ1G4G1  ECC RAM in all slots will not run at max rated speed of 1333.  I do get the three beep code on POST suggesting a memory problem, but the system boots and runs without apparent problems.  The 32 GB of RAM seems to be fully recognized.  Difficult to read the LED POST codes on boot, but there is a suggestion of a 0xEAh error (Channel Training Error).  R0063 BIOS, two X5620's.  What should I do to elucidate the problem?  Otherwise, the system runs quite well.

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          I suggest that you test for either a bad DIMM or a bad (or noisy) DIMM socket. Test with a single DIMM and try using it in each of the DIMM sockets. If it works ok, test with a different DIMM. If all of the DIMMs work fine when used individually and in every DIMM socket, move up to test with two DIMMs, trying them in separate channels and in the same channel.


          I hope this helps - and yea, I understand that it is a slow and painful process, but you won't know unless you try...


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            Thanks for the response.  I understand that three short POST beeps is OK, and that three long beeps suggests a memory problem, so I'm still no sure what's going on.  Will check logs.  Trying all the combinations and permutations of eight DIMMs and eight sockets will certainly be a tedious chore.

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              I have moved your post to the Server support team. You should be hearing from them as soon as possible


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                We regret to inform you that the board you are looking support has been discontinued for a while now. As an additional recommendation, test with minimum memory and hardware installed for testing and make sure you have the latest firmware for the board:

                Intel® Server Board S5500BC