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    Obtain MAC and/or S/N from afar



      I have a question regarding Intel NUC6i3SYK.

      I have a list of 500 MAC-addresses which all beong to NUCs in our working environment.

      Now I want to relate the MAC to the serial numbers of the NUCs, but I do not have listed any s/n´s so far.

      Is there a possibility to obtain the serial number and the MAC-address from afar when the NUC is running? Maybe via SNMP?

      Or is there a reference between MAC-addresses and s/n´s?

      Thank you for your help in advance.


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          Well, I would think that the data would be available remotely via WMI, but SNMP can also be used if you have the software to fully enable it. Intel used to - and may still - include an option to install an SNMP provider within its Ethernet LAN driver packages. (Re-)Install the latest LAN driver package and check for this option...


          Hope this helps,


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            Hello Scott,

            thanks for your answer.

            Unfortunatley SNMP is not an option anymore because of security reasons.

            Via WMI I was only able to find the MAC address (wmic nic get macaddress) and the s/n of the board (wmic baseboard get serialnumber),

            but I did not find an entry where the s/n of the whole NUC Kit is deposited.

            Does anyone have an idea where it could be found?


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              Intel Corporation
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              Hi RevoSystems,
              The suggested way to get NUC information is through SNMP. I am going to consult if there is any other option to get the MAC address and S/N.
              Mike C

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                It isn't deposited. Unfortunately, despite my urging to the contrary (which fell on deaf ears), Intel has chosen to fill in the SMBIOS strings for only the board; they do not fill in either the chassis or system strings (except for the UUID). They leave these strings for the integrator to set. Of course, this is just wrong; this is a system-level product (even though they lamely try to avoid the issue by calling them "Kits") and the strings *should* be filled in at the factory.


                So, bottom line, you have three choices:


                1. Simply use the S/N for the board (rationale: the MAC address is an attribute of the board).
                2. Use Intel Integrator Toolkit (or its (eventual) replacement if Intel chooses to drop it) to fill in these fields within the SMBIOS table yoourself.
                3. Scream loud and hard for Intel to start doing the right thing (hint: don't get your hopes up).


                That's the score...



                P.S. I agree; SNMP is an older technology and is definitely insecure - but it was your idea, not mine...

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                  Hi Erik,

                  Scott is correct, our recommendation is to try Intel Integrator Toolkit (or the replacement, please contact Contact Support  to get it) so that you can fill in the SMBIOS table.



                  Ronny G