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    Maximintergrated MAXREFDES117# Pulse Oxymeter with Intel Galileo Gen 2


      I have connected the MAXREFDES117# to the Galileo board and then verified the sample code which can be found on Maximintergrated website. However, there were more compilation errors with the Galileo Gen 2 board (Its working fine with my Arduino UNO board). So, I have solved most of the errors. However, I got left the following error with I2C communication of I2Cmaster.h file.


      #ifdef PLATFORM_NAME
      #define SDA_PORT PORTC
      #define SDA_PIN 4
      #define SCL_PORT PORTC
      #define SCL_PIN 5




      Please kindly provide a solution with the SOFTI2CMASTER.h file for Intel Galileo Gen2 board.


      Even, I have researched about a way to solve this problem and referred discussion forums. Whereas still I have not found a system. Please kindly provide me a solution for this.


      I am thinking about to use an interface between them (Adafruit Flora, Arduino UNO, Lilypad USB) to read the sensor and transfer data to the Galileo through UART or another way. Please let me know the relevance.

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          Hi EngBudd,

          The reason why the libraries that were made specifically for Arduino are not working on a board such as the Galileo is because of differences in the architecture of the boards. The Arduino and the Galileo boards have different architectures and the libraries made for each board are not compatible with the other. In this case there are two options.

          1. Find this library already compiled for the Galileo. If someone encountered the same   issue as you then it’s possible this library has already been compiled for the board.
          2.  Write your own version of the library, or modify the existing one, based on the Arduino library code, so you can use it with the Galileo