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    Strange NUC boot issue - Once OS is installed can't boot from USB.  Install CentOS 7 and then reboot.  If I try and reinstall on the same disk I can't get the USB to be the boot device.


      I must be missing something simple but I can't find it.


      I've used two different USB sticks with CentOS 7 (different releases)

      and also two different NUC's (MUC5i3RYB - BIOS 2.2.20).


      To repeat all I have to do is install OS onto the msata device and reboot.  If I do an F10 and select the USB device

      it ignores the USB device and tries to network boot.  


      If I hit F2 and remove all of the devices that I can boot using I get the - no bootable device ... 


      If I boot the OS from the msata and the write over the boot block it will then boot using the USB. 


      And I was hoping that by the time I got explaining what was happening I would of had a flash of insight but ...


      Any ideas as to what I need to try?