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    Problem with XL710-Q2 and QSFP Configuration Utility


      I have a network adapter XL710-Q2 and I want to use QSFP+ to 4x10G breakout cable.

      I need to activate 4x10 mode in NIC, but I cant. When I run ./qcu64e utility, I get a error:


      # ./qcu64e /nic=1 /info

      Intel(R) QSFP+ Configuration Utility

      QCU version: v2.27.10.01

      Copyright(C) 2016 by Intel Corporation.

      Software released under Intel Proprietary License.

      QSFP+ Configuration modification is not supported by this adapter.


      I have the latest firmware and drivers:

      # ethtool -i eth2

      driver: i40e

      version: 1.5.16

      firmware-version: 5.04 0x800024d0 0.0.0

      bus-info: 0000:02:00.0

      supports-statistics: yes

      supports-test: yes

      supports-eeprom-access: yes

      supports-register-dump: yes

      supports-priv-flags: yes


      I attached device photo with serial numbers.

      Please help me to resolve this issue.