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    What caused the HDMI port to stop working connected to monitor


      NUC 6i3 purchased in January, 2016, e/w 120GB ssd and 8 gb DDR4 memory.  Running Windows 10.  First sign of any problems since January.


      Monitor displays message No signal from HDMI.   NUC display port still works ok.  Problem started when I wasn't doing anything on NUC; it was up and running just sitting.  Screen went black as if going to sleep.  Hitting key on keyboard did nothing. Nothing unusual going on in room. Tried different monitor, same.  Tried different HDMI cable, same. Tried display port, works fine.  Reseated internal cables to sata ssd and reseated memory, same.  Using monitor on display port for testing, ran "view reliability" and noticed a windows update installed a few minutes prior to failure.  Ran system restore to a 9/9/2016 point, same.  In bios, unchecked sound on HDMI port, same.  Any suggestions?  If this is a driver problem, how do I update driver?  Where is HDMI listed in Device Manager?