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    INTEL Mother Board D915GSE Memory Upgrade Issue 2GB to 4 GB


      I have a Gateway desktop 820GM. Gateway support docs say I can only upgrade to 2GB RAM. My Mother Board Specs (D915GSE) indicate I can upgrade to 4GB.  I pulled the following infromation using CPU-Z application. Since my computer is out of warrenty Gateway will not expound but only indicate that MAX MEM upgrade is 2GB. Talked to PNY and they indicate based on their investigation tells me this mother board will upgrade to 4 GB.  Recommend that I contact INTEL for specific procedures to make it work, i.e. BIO's, Chipset updates. Here I am.....Help please. I am a novice but am willing enough to attempt Flashing BIO's and update drivers. May require some detailed instruction from the masters out there that can point me in the right direction on how to do this properly and not kill my machine.


      SPECS as follows:

      COMPUTER Gateway, Model 820GN, Serial QLA4A01500389


      Mother Board Intel D915GSE (AAC77843-103)

      Chipset Intel i915P/i915G

      Southbridge Intel 82801FB (ICH6)

      LPCIO SMSC LPC47M182


      BIO's Intel Version SE91510J.15A.1291.2004.0813.1804   Date 08/13/2004 (Note: I did check BIO's REV and it looked OK but that was through Gateway. Somewhat leary about their advice since it is dated 2004)


      Processor Intel Pentium 4 530

      Codename Prescott

      Package 775 LGA

      Specs Intel (R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHZ



      I currently have 2 GB PNY DDR PC3200 RAM (1GBX2) 440/333/266 MHZ with Elixir Chips N2DS5128OBS-5T.

      Installing new PNY 2 GB DDR PC3200 RAM Dual Channel KIT (1GBX2) 440/333/266 MHZ with PNY Chips 64X852QA4A/8-DJA.

      System will not boot. Activity remains between my two DVD drives going back and forth between them. (Cannot even access SETUP (F2))

      New Memory works fine by itself with old removed. Tried every type slot configuration mixing with the 4 x 1GB memory sticks. Tried using my 2 original plus just 1 new stick for 3 GB same problem.


      When reconfiguring back to 2GB only, either old or new, upon restart I get message "The firmware has detected that the system memory has decreased. Would appear the system detects the new memory but just will not boot the computer.


      Would think this is plug and play but are there some system setting (Bios, Chipset, etc. that I need to adjust prior to installing the new memory to increase to 4 GB or am I just SOL?


      Thanks, DAVID




      Which is correct?


      I want to have total of 4GB memory (already bought 2GB more). Is there anything that can make this 820GM computer go to 4GB? System Settings/Configuration,jumpers,Bios Flash, etc?


      Thank you,


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          Hi, the problem is that you motherboard is OEM, which means that Intel sold it to gateway  at which point it becomes gateway's and tehy can modify or limit as much as they want. So if on gateways documentation it says up to 2gb, i would think it is because the have limited it.

          Have you got the latest/last BIOS for your board? if not do that and update then try. Also See if there is anything in the BIOS called memory remap? i doubt but just check....

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            Thanks for the tips.  Looked in setup for Memory Remap but as you suspected not an option.

            As far as the BIO's when I look for updates I cannot, so far, get any satisfactory or definative results.

            Tried an application (BIOs Agent Plus) that is supposed to scan and let you know if an update is available but of course it wants you to subscribe and pay for their services to get any updates if available.

            The Gateway site says I have the most current and I do believe that the BIO's is a Gateway BIO's per the Agent Plus application scan I performed (see attached)

            One thing that you mentioned is that Gateway may have modified the board to their own specs to limit it. Why do you think they would want to limit the amount of memory that the board is capable of expanding to? Also the mention of modifying or limiting. If they have the capabilty to do so, or did, then you would think that what ever they did should then have a way to undo what they did. If the answer lies within the BIO's itself and it is a "Gateway Specific BIOs" can it be changed to another BIO's version like INTEL or is that to risky to attempt?


            Appreciate your advice. Any other suggestions? Still would like to hear from others out there.


            Thanks, David