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    6i5syh occasionally unable to detect sata ssd


      Is this the right place to get inputs from intel staff? Purchased 2 new nuc 6i5syh and found that the nuc is not stable.

      Purchased 2 x intel nuc 6i5syh to replace my 2 old identocal system.

      After being on for an extended time (1 to 2 days), the system restarts itself and is unable to detect the ssd. In the bios, it could not detect the sata ssd.

      After I shutdown and reboot the system, it detected the sata sdd without any other actions by me.

      Hdd was migrated from another system being used for few years with no issue.

      Clean install of windows 10 done on both set up. Firmware flashed to latest .55. DrIves on windows 10 updated to latest based on Intel software driver update tool.

      Performed windows memory diagnostic and no issue with ram

      Ran Samsung magician and no problems detected with ssd.

      Currently running aida64 stress test.

      Increased fan to 50% and maintaining temp of cpu at 60 and ram at 50 degrees Celsius (as per bios setting).

      Currently cpu temp is hovering around 68 degrees, ram 54 degrees, hdd 45 degrees after running aida64 stress test for about 1 hour

      System specs : Intel Nuc 6i5syh (brand new)

      Kingston hyper impact 2x8gb 2400mhz ddr4 ram (brand new)

      Samsung 840 evo 250gb


      Question is did I get a lemon?

      If so how to trigger a 1 to 1 exchange from Intel?

      Will intel be able to send a replacement before I return them the nuc. It is disappointing that an Intel product have such problem and if I were to send the item back to intel before a replacement is delivered, it would means a period of time where I will not have a pc (optimistically  1 to 2 weeks given the rma process and delivery lead time)