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    SAS Controller drivers for S2600CP2J


      I've been looking for drivers, but all I can seem to find are packages with a massive list of possibilities as to which kind of controller I have. Device manager shows it's an Intel device with an ID of 1D69. I would normally check the PCI Database, but it seems their database is borked at the moment.


      Given what I'm seeing on the motherboard I don't think there's a hardware raid on here, unless there's an integrated chip that I don't see. The drivers page for my board series seems to suggest this SAS Hardware RAID Driver for Windows* (x86 & x64 version) but I think this is more likely: Download Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology 2 (ESRT2) RAID driver for Windows* . In the BIOS there is mention of using ESRT2 or RSTe. I'm familiar with RSTe as the software (or hybrid) raid that's popular on most consumer motherboards but I'd never encountered ESRT2 before.


      If I'm to use either of those packages to install drivers however, there's still the issue of determining what exact device I'm working with. Would anyone be able to help with that?