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    Smart event on X25-M G2 80G SSD.


      I have bought 3 G2 80G SSDs Septmber 2009. Since the update of 02HA, two of them got smart event when I restart. I have tried to update them  to 02HD, it still lasts. There is no affect when I am using. But I have to press F1 to ignore the error warning when I open my computer EVERYTIME. How can I solve the problem?

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          Try running the SSD Toolbox and Check SMART Attributes. Would be helpful to know exactly which SMART error has occurred. Could be any number of problems and be helpful to have more info.

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            I built RAID 0 for that 3 SSDs. It seems that Toolbox cannot work with raid mode.

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              In that case I think maybe the sensible thing would be to disable RAID temporarily and use AHCI mode until you figure out which drive has failed and why. If your OS is on the RAID volume then you will need a bootable diagnostic disk of course. Most HDD manufacturers have them available for d/l and they normally work with any drive and can access SMART data. It won't mess up your OS install since it will be available once again when you go back to RAID mode. You may even be able to tell which drive is the problem from the BIOS alone. I think you are looking at a Windows re-install in any case though, but better to find the problem first, replace the drive if neccessary and rebuild the array before doing this.


              PS I don't know of any Windows based tools which are able to report detailed SMART attributes of individual drives within an array, but worth checking if perhaps the Intel Matrix console, or similar software can provide some more clues as to what has gone wrong.