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    C600 killing SSD's like crazy. Why? How do I fix it? LSI/Avago doesn't do this.


      I have a couple servers utilizing Supermicro X11SAE-M motherboards which I believe use the C600 intel raid chip. Both these devices are less than a year old and already have flagged between them a total of 4 hard drives as status (0). These drives are Samsung 850 Pro SSD hard drives.


      Is there some kind of setting I need to make sure is enabled to get this raid controller to stop killing them so fast, or are they simply incorrect in flagging a drive as status(0) and I need to change some other option to fix that as well?



      Please let me know as I am very tempted to go back to my LSI/Avago megaraid cards as they do not have this problem and I have several of servers built with those cards in the field going on 6 years now with 0 dead drives utilizing Samsungs 830 and 840 series ssd's, and even some of Intel's SSDs.