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    What support verifications do I need to make before filing a Better Business Bureau (BBB) report?


      After failing to receive support, and buying into Intel's fraudulent claims that the 4th generation core processors work with Windows 7/8/10, I have been out of luck for 3 YEARS. I have not been able to purchase or use software in a reasonable way. I sacrificed most of my resources at that time, based on the fraudulent claims brought forth by Intel (which they still do), as far as claiming that the Haswell CPU/GPU supports Windows 7/8/10. None of this was remotely true. It's been years back and forth with support, software/hardware adjustments, and I've reached the conclusion that Intel has fraudulently claimed compatibility between their CPUs (specifically, 4600 HD) and Windows software.



      I have updated from Windows 8 to Windows 10 more than a half year ago. Initially, everything was OK. Then I started to get the error "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered Intel HD Graphics 4600 Windows 10 64-bit". Now I am getting the error every 10-15 minutes, mainly when using text editors. I have tried updating the drivers automatically via Devices manager, but it said the current driver was already up to date. After installing the most recent graphics driver, the problem has actually gotten worse. I tried TDR changes in the registry, as well.


      I'm currently formatting my report to send to the Better Business Bureau, and all I would request from Intel at this point (please don't take up any MORE of my time or money... you've taken enough and lost me as a customer) is any contact information.


      I hope to get this CPU OUT of my computer, and to never deal with the horrible, multi-year experience of terrible customer service. Intel is the WORST for support. My motherboard manufacturer AND Microsoft both provided far more support than Intel has... and I've given them 3 YEARS!


      I realize I've lost my time, I just want SOME money back.