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    Intel 600p PCIe SSD as Boot Disc


      This new SSD seems pitched at relatively general users.  I have one of these on the way and was thinking maybe use it as boot/OS and misc applications disc (std, non extreme, small office network) for MS Server 2012 R2, using Intel Xeon E3-1220 v5 on an Asus P10S WS.  All starting on factory settings. i.e  the systems disc for a decent but routine mixed purpose server.   Data discs are std good HDD.  The useage is more multi user multi apps, than extreme on data handling, so this SSD for sytems rather than data looked like it might be good.

      It appears in that combo it needs no additional driver over the R2 included driver (is that right?), but I cannot trace any comment specifically on using the 900p as boot disc, (maybe this is now presumed to be possible?)  So would appreciate any comments on any reason for this not to work in that combo.  If not straight forward, setting changes required to make that possible?

      For wider interest I suppose the query might usefully be extended to pro and con of using this SSD as boot disc generally.