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    no boot from USB-Device ?


      NUC5i3RYH new Bios
      I can not boot from usb.
      I have UEFI Boot Sticks attempts of windows 10, 2016 Acronis, OO DiskImage 10.

      No stick works.
      I see by F10 the stick as boot device, can also select it.
      I do not know how I have installed windows 10?
      Does the bios a setting that I can use?
      Thanks for the answer !







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          Is the USB formatted as FAT32?

          UEFI BIOS's cannot boot from NTFS/FAT16/exFAT, unless UEFI Legacy (or CSM BIOS emulation) is enabled.


          There are basically three boot modes on modern UEFI PC's:


          UEFI: Replaces the classic BIOS since Windows 8 was released. XP, Vista, 32bit Win7, and MSDOS cannot boot in this mode.

          UEFI Legacy: Any OS can boot in this mode. I believe it tries to boot in UEFI mode first, then attempts to boot an MBR in classic BIOS mode (CSM).

          CSM: Classic BIOS mode before UEFI came onto the scene. This mode is needed if your USB has a WinPE image based on XP/Vista/Win7 32bit. (Win7 64bit with SP1 can boot UEFI). It basically disables UEFI support. CSM can boot FAT32 and NTFS USB drives (and also MSDOS).


          Your Win10 USB should boot fine in UEFI mode or UEFI Legacy mode, but the USB must be formatted as FAT32.

          The Acronis and WinImage USB depends on which WinPE version they are based on. If they are based on winPE 4 (Win8) or later, they can boot in UEFI or UEFI Legacy mode. However if they are based on WinPE 3 or earlier (Win7 or earlier), they wont be able to boot in UEFI mode. But should boot fine in UEFI Legacy mode or CSM mode (which in the Intel BIOS may be activated when both UEFI and UEFI Legacy are disabled, not 100% sure).


          If the above info is all alien to you, just make sure the USB drives are FAT32 (at least the Win10 USB), and try toggling the UEFI and UEFI Legacy options in the BIOS, and try toggling the USB Legacy option.


          FastBoot may also be a factor.

          Try disabling Fast Boot if you have it enabled. Or just boot Win10 and do a full shutdown by holding SHIFT while it shuts down and powers off.

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            Hi Golf4

            You can install Windows 10 using USB prepared by Windows Creation Tool. You can download this tool here:

            Windows 10

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              Thanks for the quick responses.
              I test it on weekends.

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                Intel Corporation
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                Thanks, K24A3 and Lw1948 for the help on this case.
                Golf4, Please let us know how it goes.

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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Hi Golf4,
                  I would like to know if your issue was resolved with the information provided above.