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    DX58SO - Win 7 64 Bit - Intel's Desktop Control Center


      DX58SO Intel Mother Board.


      Sapphire HD 4870x2


      OCZ Triple Channel 1333 Mhz 3x2


      İntel i7 950 3.03 Ghz


      Seagate 1 TB Harddisk




      That's my system. I just finished my Windows 7 64 Bit Operating System ( Yesterday) . Everything pretty good. But when i try to Run Desktop Control Center ( i download&setup Desktop Control Center for Win 7 64 Bit) it arrived and disapper. Nothing happen. I tried everthing work with every system (winxp-vista) 'run with admin' . And Still nothing happen. I need that program please.


      And my OCZ Gold Edition Triple Channel 1333 Mhz 3x2= GB RAMs is working in 1066 Mhz :X

      I up-to-dated BIOS and nothing changed. Its still working in 1333 Mhz. Please help.




      Im sure my OCZ RAMs are 1333 Mhz i checked. Please people help.



      How can i fix both problem. Thank Your for Reading ^^


      And thank you for answer

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