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    Skull canyon display issues. fix (sort of)


      Just thought i'd throw this out if others are having same issues I had while setting up my new Skull Canyon


      My set up


      Intel nuc6i7kyk (Skull Canyon)

      Win 10 pro 64

      32GB Kingston HyperX Impact   2133MHz / CL13

      256GB Samsung 950 PRO

      Main display- 43" Hisense 4k TV @3840x2160  (i like this model for the 4k @ 60hz / chroma 4:4:4)  Via HDMI 2.0

      2nd display Acer 22" @1920x1080 Via mini display port to DVI adapter


      Now on to the good stuff ...  the stuff that adds grey hair


      I got everything up and running, and proceed to install all the updated drivers i downloaded from intel website onto a usb jump drive


      Everything was great until i installed the latest graphics driver (4481)  then my 4k display would flicker and go black randomly

      I googled the issue and read others with same type of problem.... but no real fix. I called intel tech support. Told them my issue, was immediately told i would have to either 1.) do live chat, or email for this problem.

        Anyhow, after a pause, he tried to help me a little.  He recommended trying either- Uninstall/Reinstall the GFX drivers, try different HDMI cable, OR using the display port via an adapter (he advised using an active DP adapter) .  I told him i bought this to use the HDMI 2.0 port, so i want that port to work.

      After getting off the phone with the intel tech, i proceeded to uninstall the GFX drivers, once i did that, and re-booting, windows took it upon itself to re-install a set of drivers...My flickering issue was fixed!!  I assumed windows had just re-installed the 4481 drivers i just removed, nope... when i looked the installed drivers were  that fixed my issue so im keeping them for now.

      So .....with that issue resolved, i moved on to hooking up my 2nd monitor, i plugged in my Active mini DP to DVI adapter and power up the monitor.  Low and behold...more flickering and random black screen ..  so..scratched my head.. decided to try the only other mini DP to DVI adapter i had (non active)  and wallah, problem fixed.  So all that about active DP adapter i was wrong?


      Anyhow... I'm sharing this in hopes that others with the same type problem as me can see what steps worked for me.


      I like my little skull canyon NUC..but its a lil buggy.