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    Intel desktop board DG33TL and DP35DP with cpu intel E3200 errors ?


      I've  had an Intel DG33TL MB running  with a Q6600 for over a year, but am  re-purposing the system so I  grabbed one of the new E3200 Celerons,  according to the site it's  compatable with all BIOS revisions (but I do have the most  recent BIOS)


      The  first  time I powered it on it wouldn't POST, a second try got it all  the way  through windows, could run it for hours, run some linpack  tests/Prime95  games, web browsing and such, and seemingly all is well,  but it will NOT  reboot, I have to power down and power on to get it to  POST again.


      The  CPU fan  is always at MAX speed, and the temp always reads as 24c in  BIOS,   Intel's monitoring software (latest) shows it as 'over  threshold' when  at 24c in windows.  If I use something such as CoreTemp  it shows what I  assume is the actual temp of the CPU (30-40c range)


      I also   noticed that CPU-Z seems to mis-identify it at times..  sometimes as a   Celeron (not not specifically as E3200, just sort of a Generic 'celeron   2.4Ghz' type ID) other times as a 'Core 2'


      So I assume it's that the   MB/BIOS doesnt quite know what it's dealing with despite what intel  said  is supported.


      Where  should I go from here? (as in is there a good point  of contect or some  such)

      /I hope Intel support Intel desktop  board DG33TL and DP35DP with cpu intel E3200 .