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    Intel 750 Intermittent Failure


      I have two 2.5" 750's installed in PCIe x16 slots using adapters.  One in slot 3 and the second in either slot 4 or 2 (I have tried both).  The second drive intermittently fails to be detected in BIOS and Windows. Right now both drives are active but more often the second drive will not be recognized.  When the second drive is active it behaves normally.  I have changed power connections and switched power connections with the first drive.  The firmware is current and I believe the drivers are also current.


      Any guidance on where my problem is would be appreciated.


      Thank you,




      MB:  GA X99P-SLI

      BIOS:  F223

      RAM:  32G Trident Z

      SSD Driver:

      Firmware Version:  E81V1047