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    Problem with NUC5PPYH & FreeBSD/TrueOS - Slow Bios start after reboot


      Hi to all, Sorry for my bad English...


      On my Intel NUC5PPYH I am observe very strange situation with cooperate NUC & FreeBSD OS/TrueOS (based on FreeBSD). Bios latest 0055 and problem with all previous: after OS installed and reboot, time of Bios start from Logo to message F2, F7... is very big, up to minute. May be this is problem, how NUC to detect MBR or GPT HDD FreeBSD structure of disk. Workaround: on original FreeBSD MBR mode to solve this problem. After poweroff NUC and poweroff APC filter and poweron APC filter again, all OK until next reboot. Probably this is FreeBSD bug, but to solve it needs to cooperate Intel and FreeBSD developers.


      I am understand, that Intel does not officially support FreeBSD, but may be Intel TechSupport to e-mail this video link to Intel Bios developers and Intel 01.org developers.


      Video: Yandex.Disk