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    Overheating Edison module; damaged mini-breakout board?


      This morning I noticed my LiPo battery-powered Edison project had shut down, well before it would have normally run out of battery.


      The battery is attached to J2.  I attached power to J16, a serial terminal to J3, and watched the kernel boot.  It complained about thermal throttling, and sure enough, the Edison module was burning hot to the touch.  After a few seconds the system stopped responding.


      I removed the battery and USB cables and let it cool off.  Then I attached only the USB to J16 for power, and noticed that DS3 lit up, which should only happen when a battery is charging, right?  The system no longer boots, only blinks DS1 and produces some kind of noise character on the FTDI port each time DS1 blinks.


      So is the breakout board fried?  Is there anything else I should try?