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    cross-compilation targeting joule




      I've got basic cross-compilation working for an Iotivity fork going OSX/Ubuntu -> Edison (using the Intel-supplied toolchain) and I would like to do same for the Joule.


      I've also managed to flash Ostro to an Edison, so cross-compiling from OSX/Ubuntu (or windows etc.) to Ostro-on-Edison is also desirable.


      I'm not talking about creating and flashing a complete image.  I just want to cross-compile my app code (which in this case means my Iotivity kernel code plus my Iotivity apps code).  I know the Joule is powerful enough to support at least some app dev, but of course a tricked-out dev machine will always be a *lot* faster.


      I haven't found an Intel-supplied cross-compile toolkit for Joule/Ostro.  Can I use crosstool-ng or some other tool?