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    Running Intel XTU using command line


      I really dont know if this is the correct place to send this, but I also dont see a better place either, so if you could either see my question, and forward it to the relative people I would appreciate it, if it isnt something you can help with.



      I am basically currently trying to automate testing of computers, not for commercial use or anything along those lines, just for my own PC's. I build showroom PC's and I need to ensure they are 24hr stable. Being able to automate this would be fantastic.



      So most programs accept shell switches to run the program under a set scenario, I dont know if xtu does, as there is no documentation that comes with it.



      So my question is, how could I go about running xtu automatically from a script and possibly save the results in a log file, the log isnt needed, but would be nice.



      If you cannot help, as I said before I would appreciate it if you could pass this on to the respective team, or point me in the right direction of where I should be sending these sorts of messages