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    Skull Canyon HDMI only detected on boot


      Ever since I updated my Skull Canyon NUC to latest BIOS and video driver from the Skull Canyon Intel NUC support area, my HDMI TV is only detected at boot. This is with Windows 10 Anniversary, latest updates. If the TV goes to sleep or is powered off, it will never be detected again I have to shut down and restart the NUC to get the display to come back!


      This is a new problem, that only started after I updated the BIOS and video driver!


      I have tried...


      - a brand new HDMI 2.0 cable, no change

      - powering HDMI TV on and off, no change

      - pulling power cord from HDMI TV, no change

      - pulling HDMI cable from back of Skull Canyon NUC and plugging it back in, no change


      I even bought a whole new Skull Canyon NUC just in case something was wrong with mine and had the same problem because I updated the BIOS on it almost immediately and it used the old M.2 hard drive.


      I saw a few other topics about HDMI problems that recommended reverting to an earlier Intel video driver. I guess I'll try that...