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    Trying to claim 5930k warranty but am unsuccessful (Intel Customer Support Service Request Management is unavailable)


      Hello there! Seems I have a faulty i7 5930k, but after filling out all the fields in the warranty section I get stuck on a page where "Intel Customer Support Service Request Management is unavailable" and the live chat is also unavailable so I decided to make a topic here.


      I've tried several times last and this week but with the same issue of if being unavailable. Any help would be great.


      Regarding the faulty CPU issue:

      It is definitely a faulty CPU. It was tested in 3 different motherboards (one of those 3 was a completely working system with the same processor model and as soon as the CPU was exchanged with this faulty one the system was dead with error code on the motherboard indicating memory controller on CPU was faulty - system started working immediately after the old working processor was used again).

      also used processor on two different motherboards, gigabyte x99 5p gaming is constantly restarting (this motherboard worked with this cpu for 6 months). and since i thought it is a faulty motherboard i ordered Asus x99-s motherboard - this motherboard is indicating code 00 -processor not initializing properly.


      FPO code:


      will provide ATPO code if needed