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    machine_check_exception NUC6i5SYK keeps on rebooting


      While I was using it, my 6i5SYK shut down after a BSOD and the machine_check_exception error.

      From that moment on, it keeps on rebooting displaying that error.


      Tried a different SSD as well as RAM. Nothing changed.

      Tried its SSD and RAM on an identical NUC and they work fine.

      Tried to update BIOS, but after pressing F7 on startup the USB with .bio doesn't show up in the list. Tried two USB.

      Tried removing the BIOS jumper but after pressing F7 it says: "Please turn off power and reinstall the BIOS Security Jumper....".


      Any suggestions?



      EDIT: BIOS update worked fine using FAT32 formatted USB.