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    Need help for DDDR3 memory selection with Intel Quark x1000 SoC




      Currently, I am working on Intel Galileo Gen 2 board and will have plan to design custom board based on Intel Quark x1000 SoC for my product.


      I have looked into Intel Quark x1000 SoC Data-sheet and found that it has been mentioned to use Data Width x8 DDR3 memory only. Also, There are total 2 DDR3 x8 Data Width supported memories are used into Intel Galileo Gen 2 Kit.


      13.2 Features

      13.2.1 System Memory Technology Supported

      The system memory controller supports the following DDR3 Data Transfer Rates and

      DRAM Device Technologies:

      • DDR3 Data Transfer Rate: 800 MT/s

      • DDR3 (1.5V DRAM interface I/Os)

      • DDR3 x8 memory modules


      So, would anyone please confirm that I need to use only x8 Data Width supported DDR3 memory with Intel Quark x1000 SoC? Also, Do I need to use DDR3 memory in multiple of 2 or is it ok if I will use single x8 Data Width supported DDR3 memory for my custom board?


      Please let me know if anyone has any idea or information about that.



      Ritesh Prajapati