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    SSD and Deep Freeze c.s.


      I own an Intel X25-M 80 Gb with  latest firmware and Toolbox. For years I have used Faronics Deep Freeze  on various OS, including Win7.

      Since I installed Win7 on the ssd  in combination with Deep Freeze the following happens: after freezing  and/or thawing the C: partition Firefox acts weird: when started up it  goed to the "just-installed-page" instead of my usual homepage. Also  Newsleecher is affected: It says that it is not registered (which is not  true) and if I enter the registration a very short message says it  can't be written to disk and advises me to use admin mode, in which I  am. Deep Freeze is not the problem because I tried other programs with  exact the same result ( Drive Vaccine, Rollback RX, SoMoDo, Returnil).


      Any ideas??

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          Hello, I would like to let you know that we have not test this type of software and there is a possibility that some software might not work properly with an Solid State Drive, I suggest to contact the software manufacturer and see if they have any recommendation just yet and I will sent this feedback to the engineering department for future firmware of the Solid State Drives.