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    Camera looses connection?


      Hi there,


      I just bought me an ASUS Zen AiO S Z240ICGT-GJ018X All-in-One-PC


      It has the F200 built in and unfortunately I´m facing some problems with it, I just realized after I did all of my settings

      The camera wasn´t working. Always said: it might be used by another app... error code 0xA00F4243 (0xC00D3704)


      So I googled a lot, drivers are updated, calles asus "support" today and they just told me to reset the AIO. So I did.


      Now when using the windows camera app, the F200 works for maybe 2-3 seconds, than the video/picture is frozen (and the red light above in the monitor turns off)


      When trying to use the Intel Real Sense Training, it does not work. When starting, the red light of the gesture "thing" (sorry, my english is not so good) turns on for 2-3 seconds.. than goes off. and keeps off. and the program tells me, that it can´t see me.


      Then, after looking through this forum, I downloaded the Intel game "Warrior Wave".... and HERE the cam seems to work fine. Did not loose connection and I could still play after 2 levels (well, I dont want to play.. so I stopped it *gg) But it was good for me to know, that it did not stop activity after 2-3 seconds.


      Than I tried to use it via skype. Same problem again skype says camera is already used... blablabla.. even after restart the AIO and no other programm/app openend.


      So... do you have any idea what the problem can be?


      PS; I hope this is the correct forum category for my question.