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    Skull Canyon - USB port fails with pro sound card


      Good morning Intel, I need your help to solve a serious problem with my new (bought one week ago) Skull Canyon.

      The problem is related to the USB ports : I have installed my pro audio sound card (Steinberg UR824), and the problem comes when I start to playing any proyect from any of my audio DAWs : the audio drops out, so I can´t play one single minute without audio drop outs.

      I bought the NUC to make it the center of my music studio so this is a very serious problem for me.


      OS : Windows 7 64bits enterprise

      Memory : 32gb Kingston HiperX Impact HX424S14IBK2/32 (I have configured it in the bios menu with a value of 1.33 x 16)

      SSD : Samsung 950 Pro 512GB

      Drivers are updated.

      Bios are updated (041)

      NUC date of manufacturing 06/2016


      The audio card (Steinberg UR824) with the same cable works without any problem in my MacBook Pro, so the problem it´s in the NUC.


      Please, help me to solve this big problem.

      Thank you in advance.

      Best regards,



      Pdta.- with the bios update (37 to 41) the NFC option have disapears from the bios menu.