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    I7 6700HQ overheating?


      Dear readers,


      Last week i got my new laptop, I choose the components myself and its build in a clevo chassis. It's running an I7-6700HQ and 960m, and I think that the I7 is overheating.

      When i was playing the Battlefield 1 beta, temperatures on the core hit 96 degrees celsius, while only under 60% load. The boost clock was still at 3.0GHz.

      Today I used my laptop for school and I ran a program called solidworks, during this program the cpu was under a load of 30-40% and the 960m wasn't in use. In this situation, the cpu hit 99 degrees while running on 3.2GHz, I think that this is way too hot since the max temperature of a 6700HQ is 100 degrees. I contacted the company which i bought it from, and they said that it was perfectly normal, i dont agree with this. What do you think? I even ordered better cooling paste with this laptop and they said that the temperature with this paste would be around 6 degrees lower. I actually expected maximum temperatures of 85 degrees.


      I hope someone can help me,